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Warby Parker – Beacon Collection 2014.

Credit: Petra Collins

Credit: Petra Collins

I was recently contacted by Warby Parker, a brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, to help them promote their new collection. They specialize in eye wear frames, which are designed in-house, making them cheaper than other glasses being sold out there. Warby Parker was founded by Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, and Jeffrey Raider and their headquarters are in New York, though they have showrooms and stores across the United States. They even have a photo booth!

Warby Park also took initiative to become socially responsible, donating a pair of glasses to someone in need for very pair you buy. This is a great offer! Not only are you getting quality eye wear, you’re helping someone too.

This is what they had to say about the Beacon Collection, which comes out July 24:

“Our Beacon Collection is inspired by impromptu, can’t duplicate- them all-nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities. We designed our Beacon Collection frames to make a similarly fine companion to late night dates, rooftop sunrises, and everything in between. There’s something just as unexpected about each new frame: they’re repeat contenders, no matter the hour.

Here is a sneak peek of the new Beacon Collection, if you would like to see the full collection, please check it out on their site.













  My Favorite?


I also like BLUE SLATE FADE and LEMON. To check those out, go to the Beacon Collection.  

Starting July 24, the Beacon Collection is available at and in stores and showrooms.

Myself and the team at Warby Parker would love to know what you think of the collection, so let us know in the comments.

Till Next Time, xOrangePineapple

My Boring Life Blog’s 1 year anniversary!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE that followed, read, commented and was just there, you know?
I started this blog when I was in my depressed, angry, frustrated state and I am now less depressed, angry and frustrated.
I had a come back wheere I revealed to everyone that I was a guy, and that I was gay. Feels good when people know.
This blog has had it’s ups and downs, it has had a high rise in views and a drop too, but that’s how it is.
I have made a new friend who I email everyday(almost), and I guess I got a lot from this blog.
It has made me feel that there ARE people out there that actually care about you and are supportive of you, no matter where you are, or who you are. So, if you’re thinking about starting a blog/diary/whatever, DO IT! And dont quit like I did, keep at it!

I havent been posting in a while because not much has been happening in my life that I feel needs to be out there, or is blog worthy.


To the people who have read my post about me asking for your help in clothes. Thank you for commenting!
I attended Phnom Penh Designers Week tonight, and it was amazing! The runway was outdoors, built on water in the shape of a pentagon. So, you would know how hard it probably was making turns, trying to make sure their trains dont get into water. We started off with sponsor designed dresses, advertising their company.

This was DAY 3, so I do not know what or how the designs were in DAY 1 and DAY2. I will try to get photos from those days, if you want them. Let me know in the comments.

The designers, or Brands:

ImageImageImageThere were more designs of course, but there were the only photos that weren’t blurred out. If only iPhone cameras were better.

Next up we got to feast our eyes on the designs by “La’Or” – JULIE SCHRAGImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
It ended off with a wedding dress


Third of the night was DON PROTASIO- by DON PROTASIO


They save the best for last.Well, it was the best in my opinion.


I enjoyed my first time. It was new, different. There were so many socialites, designers, radio hosts, singers and even an Oscar nominated director(with whom I stood next to and didnt even notice him), at least he is my Facebook friend 🙂
If you ever get a chance to attend any fashion show, do it. It was great!

Till Next Time,
P.S. sorry the cam work wasnt that good. I’m not a photog. ❤



A few days ago, my mother asked me if I wanted to attend a fashion show. I said “yes”, of course. I love fashion, even had a fashion blog for 4 days! *ahhh…blogspot days…*
I am all about designing, and maybe one day, I’ll show you one of my creations, but for now because I am kind of into female fashion, I need your advice.

I am a guy. 1.80cm. Short hair. Like really short. Brown eyes.
Give me an idea for what I should wear to a fashion show. Comment whatever you want related to this post.

Date: 26 Jan, 2013

Thank you. I really hope I get responses, because I really need your help.


P.S. I can’t give you my picture because I am trying to stay anonymous.

Travels- Takeo

My 3 days/2 nights at Takeo were so incredible.

On Sunday, we left at about 10, filled up our car with gas and we were ready for our 2 hour-long trip.

We took my dogs Si and Prince and because we don’t have crates , we had to hold them so they don’t disturb the driver, my mom.

When we arrived, my mom’s close friend welcomed us into their 1 bedroom apartment. Thank god for the balcony, because otherwise we were going to be cramped in a tiny room, on one bed. all five of us and two dogs.
The view from the balcony was stunning! The photo on the left is what we saw, I added an Instagram filter. In the distance, you could see rice paddies(Most of the “Thai” rice you buy come from these fields, or it used to anyways), that were such a beautiful green color. Small boats belonging to the locals were gone early in the morning for fish, or transport. We were in the countryside part of Cambodia, obviously. The city is much more modern and no paddies there.

We had lunch, prepared by my mom’s friend. We prayed(because they and my mom are Jehovah’s Witnesses< ha!) and ate.

We then played this board game called Agricola. I was loosing, so that was sad.agricola
If you dont know what game is about, or why there are blocks and circles, then I’m sorry for confusing you. It’s practically a game where you need to feed your family, increase your family, and you get points for having animals and all that stuff. So practically, you need to get the most points to win this game. For those that know how to play, can see that I’m not that high on the points list(I’m RED), compared to my friend on my left(who’s not in the picture).

For dinner that day, we had Temaki, prepared by my mom’s friend’s husband(who’s Japanese, the wife is Canadian. They’re such a cute couple). It was so good, bt we had more guests from Canada over, the guy was fucking HOT. Canada may get a lot of crap from social media about being some lame country where people are weird, but that’s just stereotypes. These were actually normal, extremely handsome, loving people. Don’t believe what you read on social media!

The next day, we had some Bay Sach Chrouk(translated from Khmer, it means Pork rice, or rice with fried pork). So much for being a vegetarian, huh? My mother and her friend went to the local outdoor market for groceries. We were going to make a Slow Cooked Pot Roast by my favorite Laura Vitale. We didn’t have all the ingredients, I mean come on, we were in the country side, they dont have all the spices needed, so we replaced the spices and some vegetables. It turned out quite nice.
slow cooked pot roast My mother and I prepared it for our last night there. This was my first ever time cooking in a slow cooker, and I LOVED putting all the things in and just letting it do its thing. The meat was great, too! My mother added a bit too much salt, so it was a slightly salty for my taste buds.

During the day of the Pot Roast, we played Catan for the first time, and my mother won, which made me a bit upset because it was her first time too. Beginner’s Luck I guess.Catan
I was the white, my mother- the Orange. UGHHH! I hate loosing. It was my first game though, I don’t know why it’s bothering me. I guess it’s because I lost to my mother. MY MOTHER.

Unfortunately, the short vacation at one of Cambodia’s provinces has ended. I’m happy and not so happy about being home. I’m DEFINITELY happy I can play Minecraft! I still have two weeks till my break finishes, and I’m going to try to do something adventurous. No promises. 😉